They say one can recognize the greatest stories from them all with just two phrases. If you hear about a high school kid bitten by a radioactive spider, you’ll immediately know the subject is a friendly neighborhood superhero. Likewise, a medicinal drink that gained popularity will make you immediately think about one of the most famous soft drinks of all time.
Our story involves just two lines of code and that’s what we will be recognized for in the future, enabling blockchain gaming for the masses.

How it all started

For a long time now, we’ve been interested in building technology that can bring real value to its users. With social media, it becomes arguable if it has helped induce real-life interactions between people or has had a detrimental effect on real-world connectivity. Online games and gaming as a whole can arguably have a similar effect if the experience, in particular, is isolating or induces emotions that the body does not benefit from in the slightest. So when does the creation of new technologies and experiences for those that interact with it start making sense?

The first defining moment in our journey to Win was about 3 years ago, when several fun skill-based games appeared that had no actual prize, except for a high score. That’s when we thought, “ If these games allowed you to win crypto prizes or real money, they would become incredibly fun.” This was play to earn, before it became play to earn.

Moreover, we wanted to make a meaningful change through this technology, and to bring a certain sense of purpose into gaming. We imagined on a foundation that stands on three pillars: social, crypto, and purpose. What if your engagement with the Win platform can lead to meaningful and tangible changes in our shared reality? This is where Purposeful Gaming was born.
We wanted to make a fair and fun product where people can enjoy playing their favorite games and be rewarded for their time and skills with crypto. We needed to create transparency and give both players and game developers comprehensible incentives in the long term and connect them together in a powerful ecosystem.

Shaping was established in late 2020, and since then, we’ve been working tirelessly to find the best solutions for our play-to-earn mobile gaming platform. We developed the Win SDK, an out-of-the-box solution that allows any developer to integrate crypto rewards and NFTs in their skill-based games with just two lines of code. With our SDK, any mobile game can easily become an eSports phenomenon, supercharging its creator’s revenue streams. Players will compete in fun games and experience a doubled earning potential: besides the in-game wins, they’ll also have access to an NFT-based level-up staking rewards system.

Another integral part of our product is the Win DeFi Wallet. We developed our own proprietary non-custodial wallet so that players can have complete control over their private keys. Our wallet can manage multiple assets, supporting both fungible and non-fungible tokens. It allows users to have a full on-chain experience. They can track all their crypto and NFTs in one place, increase their earnings by staking or even swap FTW tokens for other cryptocurrencies without the need for external exchanges.

Ultimately, we aim to deliver a scalable model for a sustainable future by connecting our technology together with meaningful change in our shared reality by fueling purposeful projects that work on planting trees, ocean cleanup, and much more. Online engagement doesn’t have to be an individualistic, alienating endeavor. It can serve a meaningful purpose, one that brings us together with a clear goal of changing our reality for the better. Leveling up our real life.

The WINning team

Our project is the pinnacle of a fruitful collaboration between two serial entrepreneurs spanning over more than 15 years. Who are we?

Vlad Suciu - Involved in all key decisions at Win, from product to marketing, and leading the company, bringing cohesion between all remote teams. Over 17 years of experience in the tech industry with a storied history of providing eCommerce & iGaming solutions. Strong track record of scaling operations and the business as a whole.

Laurence Philip -  Responsible for all things business-related at Win. More than 16 years in gaming as an investor, affiliate marketer, and brand owner. Well-versed in providing business strategy, overseeing and contributing to unique value propositions, and finding the paths to growth.

Since the inception of, our team has gathered 25 dedicated professionals from various domains and located in multiple countries around the globe. Together we are committed to delivering a play-to-earn gaming infrastructure for Web3 that will usher the industry towards a new play-to-win era!

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