Physical art has mesmerized people for centuries. Now blockchain technology makes NFTs take center stage, with NFT sales soaring in the last year. Designers create expensive NFT assets that are being sold for hefty amounts of cryptocurrency, and more and more people are ready to sign up their wallets for such crypto assets.

We’re fast approaching the long-awaited launch, and we can’t be more hyped about it! There’s so much to unpack; it’s crazy! From the action-filled mobile eSports play-to-earn games to the mystical NFT collection ready to take over your digital wallets, we can’t wait to offer you the best P2E experience possible! Our crypto-collectibles that will be available on the NFT market will introduce you to the Win Realm, an adventure-filled land where our Win Heroes reside. Each digital asset combines state-of-the-art NFT artwork with intricate storified backgrounds, allowing players to immerse themselves in the NFT space of the Win ecosystem.

We already showed you a preview of our non-fungible tokens in a previous article and talked about the Miger tribe NFTs in depth. Now it’s time for another teaser, the story behind our second ancient tribe of NFT tokens - the Paios!

A summary of our Win Heroes NFT project

At their core, our Win Heroes are pieces of digital art based on the Polygon blockchain network as ERC-721 NFTs that you can trade, buy and sell. Each digital file is stored on your crypto wallet, meaning it’s your collectible and yours only. Every individual token is a unique piece that nobody else can have unless you decide to trade or sell it.

Collectors will get the chance to gather NFTs pertaining to three ancient tribes, each with twelve classes of Heroes featuring different features, skills, and traits:

  1. Miger - the nature-loving and harmony-seeking tribe of NFTs
  2. Paios - fierce conquistador NFTs with a penchant for dark arts
  3. Bere - the NFT collection of daredevil explorers

Time to unearth the Paios and their story that will captivate anyone, either a new owner or a veteran of the NFT world!

Paios - digital assets set on conquering the Win Realm

It is unclear what is the exact origin of the Paios tribe. They come from far, far away, and they are determined to rule the Win Realm. Most NFTs of this ancient tribe have pale skin and fearless features. They are conquerors; they are born leaders. These NFT collectibles do not bow down to anyone.
An ancient prophecy of the Paios tribe claims that they are the rulers of the world, and they would stop at nothing to fulfill this destiny, proving their absolute supremacy over all other races. They value wealth and power the most, each non-fungible token trying to gain more of both by submitting others to their will.

The Paios NFTs master the lost art of dark magic, instigating fear and panic wherever they go. They are at odds with both the Miger and the Bere tribes. They constantly try to subjugate the peaceful Migers and have endless battles with the Beres, brave NFTs that don’t take it lightly when others try to control them. Owning NFTs of the Paios race means you are worthy of the victors and their might. At least that’s what the Paios think.

How might points for Paios NFTs work

Every unique token you own within the Win ecosystem can level up through might points. These points are offered to players as rewards for their game skills and for certain actions taken within the Win Realm. You start with a digital art NFT at a base level and the mightier your Hero gets, the more opportunities come your way: bigger staking rewards, limited tournament access, and much more. You can even use these digital collectibles as your in-game avatar, or you might be interested in selling NFTs for specific cryptocurrency tokens. You decide what you want to do with them!

Are you thrilled to be part of one of the coolest play-to-earn and NFT projects of the year? We are counting down the days until we can unveil the unique items our NFT artists have been creating.

If you’re ready to buy NFTs and want to stay in the loop as to when the games will be released, connect with us on our Social Media channels that you can find below. Our Heroes page should be in your favorites, and once the collectibles are live, you can start adding them to your wallet.

What type of Win Hero will you be?

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