Today we’re going to start with a mathematical equation of sorts:
Pinball + Winball
And love, of course.
Winball is one of the first play-to-earn crypto games that will be launched on, and it combines the well-known game mechanics of Pinball with the excitement of p2e. Use power-up bombs and other in-game features to climb the leaderboard and earn NFTs and crypto rewards.
Sounds exciting? We bet it does!

How to Play

It all starts like a classic game of Pinball. You begin with several balls, and you have to aim them at the oncoming objects on the screen, inside the pinball machine. Each object or block, be it a square, a sphere, or triangle, contains a number inside. That number reflects how many times the balls need to hit the block to destroy it.

The objects progress upwards on the screen, and if they reach the upper part before you’ve erased them, you lose. Game rounds last for three minutes, and at the end of them, the player with the higher score takes the prize pool.

Sounds pretty straightforward, right?

If You Play, You Play-to-Win

Now, this is where things get interesting. Special blocks will appear on the screen from time to time, granting you more balls. Also, you can hit the treasure chests in order to unlock more balls or a screen-clearing option. Last but not least, use the bomb power-up to deploy a bomb that annihilates all the numbered blocks on the screen in one single blow.
Since this is a play-to-earn game version, it makes sense to take advantage of all these features to advance to the top. You won’t just be playing for the fun of it or virtual glory in the Winball Hall of Fame. You’ll play-to-win, to defeat your competition and take home those crypto rewards and  NFTs.

If we’ve awakened your appetite for p2e games, you can check out what other mobile eSports games will be launched on together with Winball. Hoopshot, Wordcraft, Pillars of Defense are just a few of the titles that will be available to play. Ready or not, here comes!

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