We’ve been talking a lot about how blockchain technology works and how it has led to the emergence of non-fungible tokens. People are constantly buying and selling NFTs on popular NFT marketplaces, and their impact on the digital economy is more than evident.

In our latest blog entries, we’ve focused on unveiling our own NFT collection, the Heroes of the Win Realm. These heroic crypto collectibles will be available on Win.app in the near future, so we hope you’re preparing your digital wallet for them. If you need to refresh your memory on what they’re all about, this introductory article on the Win Heroes NFTs will help. Our digital assets are divided into three ancient tribes: Miger, Paios, and Bere. We’ve taken a closer look at the first two NFT collections, and today it’s Bere’s turn to shine under the spotlight!

Heroes of the Win Realm NFTs - digital artwork review

What are we talking about when we say Win Heroes? Our NFT artwork, of course! Each non-fungible token that resides in the Win Realm is part of one of the three Win tribes. They are bits of digital art in the form of ERC-721 NFTs that will reside in any of your digital wallets. Like a physical asset or physical artwork, these NFT tokens are in your complete ownership.

Each unique individual token can be part of one of the three tribes with twelve distinct classes that influence its features, skills, and traits: Miger, Paios, and Bere. Let’s find out what makes the Beres the bravest NFTs of the Win Realm!

Bere -  the fearless non-fungible tokens you need

The Bere NFTs are true free-spirits, explorers that come from unknown lands and roam the Win Realm looking for adventures. They are wanderers, not settling for long in one place, as the world is big and wondrous, and their curious nature takes them often to the open road. A Bere digital asset is both a teacher and a student, learning all about the mystical land they journey through and sharing their wisdom with others.

The Bere NFT stands for freedom, courage, and fearlessness. They don’t take kindly when other races try to conquer them and often fight against the Paios, their rival tribe. Being highly skilled in combat, they take pride in the fact that their wins are far beyond their losses on the battlefield. As much as they distrust and dislike the Paios, they recognize them as worthy opponents.

More often than not, the Bere tribe lends a helping hand to the Migers in combat. They appreciate the peaceful nature of the Migers NFTs and their strong connection to nature. They pledge their allegiance to them in a bid to free the Migers from the Paios dominion. These digital collectibles will take you on the adventure of a lifetime, so get ready to mint NFTs of the Bere tribe!

Make your Bere Hero NFT great

Once you purchase NFTs from the marketplace, you have several options of what you can do with them. Each NFT digital file can be used as a profile picture within the Win ecosystem. You can stake them or trade them with other tokens. The choice is yours.

The actions you take within the Win Realm bear importance as they determine the level of your unique token. How? Each activity earns you might points, and the mightier your Hero is, the easier you will advance your gameplay. A higher-level Hero can bring you increased staking rewards, special tournaments, and limited-edition tokens that you can sell for real-world items or physical money. The possibilities are endless!

You know the drill. Keep an eye out for the official launch of the Win.com platform and our NFT project on the website and our social media account. Our Heroes are soon joining a blockchain network near you, and you should be the first to know when you can buy NFTs of the Win Realm. What’s your favorite Win tribe?

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