NFTs based on blockchain technology are increasingly popular, and we can’t wait to unveil ours! We know you’re dying to get your hands on the crypto-collectibles that will soon be available via our platform and through the long-awaited play-to-earn games we’ve been telling you about.

Our digital assets, featuring superb NFT artwork and complex backstories, will be available on the NFT marketplace and will grant you access to the mystical land of Win Realm. In this place, digital art and magic intertwine for any player’s delight. A while ago, we offered you a sneak peek into our NFT collection and talked about the non-fungible tokens composed of three ancient tribes commonly known as Win Heroes. Now it’s time to delve deeper into our NFT space by learning more about each tribe and their backgrounds. NFT art quick recap

Three ancient tribes of NFT tokens call the Win Realm their playground. This magical world existed before the dawn of time; nobody really knows how it came to be. What we do know is that these mighty Heroes are unique items, Polygon-based NFTs ( ERC-721) that players can fully own and collect in their digital wallets. Each tribe has twelve classes with one-of-a-kind features, skills, and traits, populating the Win Realm with a myriad of brave, fearless, and artfully drawn crypto-collectibles:

The Miger Tribe - Non-fungible tokens that love Mother Nature

The Paios Tribe - the fearless and ruthless warrior NFTs

The Bere Tribe - the adventure-seeking Heroes of our NFT project

Let’s take a closer look at the Miger tribe!

Migers - peaceful NFTs soon in your digital wallet

The Migers are one of the three ancient tribes populating the Win Realm. Some even say they are the original tribe that roamed the lands peacefully, worshiping nature and all it brings. These NFTs typically have darker skin tones and have a strong connection to Mother Earth. They have nurturing traits, as they are firm believers that the thriving of their kind only comes from being wholly tuned to the lands they inhabit. They create life, they don't destroy it.

A Miger non-fungible token doesn’t believe in accumulating wealth or power; they follow the principle of “ Live and let live.” Cohabitation and harmony are their most important principles, as they wish to co-exist in total serenity with everything alive, from animals and plants to any other races.
These collectibles will always choose the non-aggressive route, as they despise confrontations and quarrels that can disturb their peaceful way of living. Although it is not in their nature to fight, they can become fierce warriors, set on protecting their ancestral way of living when the need arises. The Miger NFTs are often at odds with the Paios, the latter collectibles being a tribe of dark arts masters with an unquenchable thirst for conquering the realm.

How to make your Miger non-fungible token mighty

Each digital asset you own within the Win ecosystem can have different levels of greatness. To level up your Win Hero, you will need to gather might points that can be earned through several actions within the Win Realm. As you advance your gameplay, the mightier your Hero becomes. Having a mighty Miger unique token in your crypto wallet brings you significant staking rewards, VIP access to limited tournaments, as well as the possibility to trade, buy and sell outstanding collectibles in the NFT marketplaces.

Our NFT artists are working around the clock to create all these wonderful collectibles that will soon be live on a blockchain network. Get your coins ready to purchase NFTs on and prepare for countless fun skill-based games to play.

Minting NFTs, selling NFTs to other users, or using them as unique profile pictures will be possible as soon as we launch. Whether you are a new owner or a crypto enthusiast well versed in NFT sites, you can follow our dedicated Heroes page and buy NFTs as soon as they become available. The only question that remains is will you choose Miger, Paios, or Bere?

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