Be honest. Do you know anybody that doesn’t light up when hearing about playing a round of Bingo? Big or small, young or old, everybody loves Bingo. We’re adding a new layer of excitement to your favorite hobby by turning it into a play-to-earn game. Compete against other players in this mobile eSports version of Bingo and WIN, from crypto rewards to NFTs. Ready for Royal Bingo?

How to play

Every round lasts two minutes. Follow the numbers that appear on the screen and see if they match the numbers in the columns below. Every number also has a letter attached to it to help you find the column where it might be located quickly. The faster you locate the numbers, the more points you get. The goal is to find five numbers in a specific pattern, and earn Bingo.

Types of Bingo

There are several ways to claim a Bingo in the game:

  • 5 across: find five numbers across the screen, including the star card, to claim Bingo
  • 5 down: locate five numbers down, including the star card
  • 5 diagonally: you can claim Bingo also by having five numbers diagonally, star card included
  • 4 corners: another way to earn Bingo is by selecting all the numbers in the corners of the screen

Earn bonus points by making several types of Bingo in the same round.

How to Win

Besides the usual way of finding numbers and claiming Bingo as fast as possible, the game also features some boosters that can help you win. Superfast daubs unlock more star cards that you can place anywhere on the screen, replacing a number. More star cards mean more opportunities to yell “ Bingoooo!”.

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