We all have a favorite type of game, one we’re really good at. Some of us excel at shooting games, others at strategy. Some are good with numbers, and some are great with words. If you’re part of the last group, we have an exciting play-to-earn game prepared just for you!

Put your pen and paper down! Win.app is turning word puzzle games into a mobile eSports phenomenon with Wordcraft, a game where you can compete against other players and earn crypto rewards by crafting words from letter blocks. Let's learn how Wordcraft works!

How to play

You get a limited amount of time in which you have to swipe letter blocks in order to form words and fill in the blank grids. The more terms you create, the higher your score will be. Each new word you make also gains you five extra seconds that are added to your countdown timer. Additional words can be formed beside the grid words that you can craft with the letter blocks. Those won't appear on the screen, but they will add extra points to your total score.

How to win

The game offers you several power-ups and playing options to win:

  1. Use the shuffle button as many times as you wish to re-arrange the letters. Who knows? Maybe seeing the letter blocks in a different order will spark up some creativity, and you'll uncover more words.
  2. The hint button reveals a letter in any of the grids. Be careful how often you use this button, though. After three free uses, the game takes -50 points from your total score every time you press the hint button.
  3. Each word you create fills up the Power-up bar. Once the bar is completely filled, you have the chance to obtain an extraordinary power-up. Choose wisely between:
  • Freeze timer: get extra 10 seconds on the clock.
  • Reveal letter: this allows you to reveal a letter by pressing on the empty tile.
  • Refresh hint: this power-up comes in handy when you've finished your free hints, as it resets the counter.
  • Bonus level: from time to time, you'll get a bonus level as the final reward from the power-up bar. Play an extra round of Wordcraft with double scores.

Wordcraft is one of the first blockchain mobile games that will be available on Win.app. If you're interested in finding out more about the other play-to-earn titles, browse through our game reviews of Hoopshot or Pillars of Defense, and learn more on how to compete in tiered leagues and tournaments.

Are you ready to have fun and show off your language skills?

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