Fans of the tower defense gaming genre will be thrilled to hear that has a surprise in store for them too. Among the first mobile eSports games released on the platform is Pillars of Defense, a play-to-earn game where you get crypto rewards by defending your territory against waves of enemy forces.

Players will be able to participate in different tournaments and tiered leagues, competing against each other for the prize pool: a bag of $FTW tokens (For The Win - pun very much intended), Win's native in-game currency. Gamers might also collect awesome NFTs and will have the chance to upgrade their Win Hero as they like.

How to play

Are your fingers itching to play and defeat those terrible invaders? Good.

Pillars of Defense's purpose is to survive as long as possible by defeating all the enemies that try to destroy you. Swipe your finger across the screen of your mobile phone to deploy bombs and crush the enemy!

Several power-ups can help you along the way:
1. Slow Bomb - as its name states, it slows down the enemies
2. Shield - protect your base with a time-limited & impenetrable shield
3. Super Bomb - it's the bomb of all bombs that targets several enemies at once with a devastating explosion

Wave after wave, try to survive as much as possible and gain points by killing those bastards!

How to compete

The game's algorithm matches players against each other based on their level, skills, and match history. It's our way to ensure things always stay fair and fun!

Pillars of Defense will be available both in asynchronous and synchronous mode. Users can skip the matching waiting time in asynchronous mode and play individually. Their scores will then be compared, and whoever survived longer and had the highest score gets the loot. The other gameplay mode allows real-time competitions.

Gamers will also be able to join several types of tournaments: head-to-head, multiplayer, and tiered leagues.  Earning crypto assets and in-game collectibles has never been so easy!

Get your fingers in shape for battle and your crypto wallets ready for tokens. Pillars of Defense will soon be live to play!

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