With the amount of hype there is these days around play-to-earn mobile games, it’s only normal that it has piqued your interest. Everybody knows gaming has stopped being just a passive hobby long ago. It has turned into a multibillion-dollar industry.

Blockchain games have created an exciting paradigm shift in the gaming industry. Gone are the days when only game developers and distributors made money. Nowadays, players can also make an income from play-to-earn crypto games, where their time and skills are rewarded with cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens.
We’re here to help you understand how these games work and what you must do to immerse yourself in the p2e universe and earn rewards.

How to ride the p2e wave

Like with most things in life, there’s no standard recipe for success here either. Don’t imagine that if you follow these steps right, you’ll immediately climb the leaderboard no matter what game you’re playing. When it comes to skill-based games, your particular set of skills is what sets you apart from everyone else. This little guide is meant to help you navigate the p2e waters and get you started with your next favorite pastime. The rest is on you.

Step 1: Learn about crypto, play-to-earn, metaverse

Maybe you’re a crypto enthusiast that would like to dip his toes in the play-to-earn gaming scene. Or perhaps you’re a gamer that’s excited by the possibility of earning a constant income through gameplay and via staking. Nevertheless, you should have at least a minimum knowledge of how it all works.

You can read many articles to educate yourself on the subject, and we’re also making things easier for you. We’ll talk about concepts like Proof of Stake, blockchain gaming, non-custodial wallets, NFTs, and more on our blog. Take your time to understand the mechanics behind all of this, and you’re off to a great start.

Step 2: Discover what game suits you best

There are so many p2e games out there, and you probably want to try them all. We get you; we really do. The trick is to narrow your options down to only a few games. As we’ve mentioned before, most p2e games are skill-based, meaning you earn crypto rewards by showing off your skills at a particular game.

If you’re into basketball, you can try Hoopshot, a game where you have to take the cleanest shots to earn points. Pinball fans can opt for a more exciting version, Winball, which includes bomb power-ups and treasure chests. Lovers of the tower defense genre can try their luck in Pillars of Defense, a p2e game where the last survivor takes the loot.

The Win.app platform will launch with several games at first, and you can learn more about them and decide which ones would be a good starting point for you.

Step 3: Practice makes perfect

This step is pretty self-explanatory—practice, practice, practice. The more you play the game, the better you’ll get at it. The better you get, the more you climb the leaderboard and cash in those rewards and NFTs. You’ll be able to compete against other players of the same level, and the best one gets the prize pool. So the goal is to be the best, of course.

Step 4: Be part of the community

Last but not least, join the platform’s community and make sure you always stay informed on the latest news, game releases, and events. There are many ways to do this, from Social Media to subscribing to a newsletter, reading dedicated articles periodically, and joining different channels where your community meets and discusses topics of interest. It’s not only a great way to be in the know, but it also allows you to network and meet like-minded people.

These steps should put you on the right track when you’re just starting with play-to-earn mobile eSports games. The beauty of mobile games is that you can play them absolutely anywhere and anytime. You don’t have to limit yourself to being at home. You can play a short round and make some tokens when you’re riding the bus to work, during your lunch break, or even in the supermarket’s parking lot.

Now get yourself started and bring home those digital assets!

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