Play-to-Earn becomes Play-to-Win | mobile eSports with 2 lines of code

There’s no shortage of ideas when it comes to what developers can create. The struggle comes later in finding sustainable solutions for game monetization, especially if you’re trying to make successful play-to-earn crypto games.

Integrating crypto rewards and NFTs in any game seems like an almost impossible feat, one that can derail or considerably slow down the development process. But what if there was an out-of-box solution that’s both scalable and competitive, and allows the seamless integration of all these features, as well as multiple game modes?

That’s where the Win SDK comes in.

Unleashing the power of P2E

Soon, mobile game developers worldwide will be able to put their games on our highly competitive multiplayer platform powered by blockchain technology. They’ll be able to transform any game into real-money eSports with just two lines of code.

We want to make sure that we make developers’ lives as carefree as possible, at least when it comes to them creating the best possible games ever, without the added stress of figuring out how to turn them into on-chain mobile eSports or struggling to monetize them.

The core characteristics of Win SDK

The Win SDK comes fully equipped with all the crucial features to support any game with a personalized player experience.

Developer Portal & Analytics

It’s the place where it all starts. The integration can be easily initiated from the Developer Portal, taking you through the steps to launch a Win-powered game. More so, it’s the place where you will find real-time analytics all the time, allowing you to keep track of all the crucial in-game data.

Tournaments & Tiered Leagues

Almost any skill-based game will have the chance to become the next eSports phenomenon. Our SDK enables different game modes inside your game, through which players can compete against each other in synchronous or asynchronous gameplay. Other supported modes are head-to-head and multiplayer tournaments, but also tiered leagues.

Player Rating and Matchmaking Algorithm

Matchmaking algorithms can make or break a player’s experience. Pair a novice player with a pro, and they stand no chance, so their experience will take a hit. As such, it’s crucial to match players against opponents of the same level. The Win SDK solves that problem by empowering your game with a fully integrated algorithm that ensures a player will always get matched with similar-level opponents based on their skills and ratings to keep things fun and fair!

Crypto Rewards and NFTs

Another thing the SDK integration will bring to any play-to-Win (see what we did there?) game is an NFT-based leveling system and staking rewards, opening the doors for unlimited gamification opportunities and super cool prizes for your players.

$FTW and Non-Custodial Wallets

Any Win-powered game will feature a complete blockchain-powered crypto payments solution that uses non-custodial wallets. Players will easily deposit, play the game, and then withdraw in an instant while never having to concede control to any third party. You know what they say — not your keys, not your coins. With Win, players take true ownership of their funds, their in-game assets, and their experience.

On top of that, the in-game currency is $FTW (For The Win — yes, pun very much intended). Players will use $FTW tokens to pay entry fees, get rewarded when they win, buy and trade NFT’s, and, last but not least, use them for staking.

24/7 Player Support

All games will have non-stop live chat support from a dedicated team of customer support specialists. No matter what your players might need, we got them covered. That means less hassle, more conversion, and an overall better user experience.

Many games have favored those who pay to advance and ultimately win instead of building up skills in the last few years. User experience became a second priority after in-game sales and countless ads in unfortunate cases. gives back players their games while also helping developers develop a sustainable monetization model for their creations. The SDK integration supercharges games by connecting them to the blockchain, unleashing countless opportunities for everyone to WIN.

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