is proud to announce that Outlier Ventures has just become our strategic partner and investor. We are excited to share the news with the world that our P2E (play-to-earn) platform has joined the Polygon Base Camp program.

Outlier Ventures chose us to participate in their Base Camp program from hundreds of possible candidates because we bring to the table a unique vision and platform in the gaming industry. Through and the Win SDK, we aim to bring on-chain mobile eSports to a new level of accessibility, never seen before.

The Win SDK features multiple core components that form part of the baseline of the play-to-earn model: full compatibility with both iOS and Android, fully integrated crypto payments processing, a wallet solution in the form of non-custodial wallets with a native token ($FTW) as in-game currency, a player rating & matchmaking algorithm, lightning-fast payouts that allow players to deposit, play and withdraw seamlessly and instantly while never having to concede control to any third party, all packed in a highly optimized UI/UX.

We are building a brighter future for P2E gaming with Outlier Ventures.

About Outlier Ventures

Established in 2014, Outlier Ventures was one of the first VC firms dedicated to investing in the emerging crypto ecosystem. Since launching their Base Camp accelerator in 2019, Outlier Ventures has accelerated more than 100 Web3 startups, helping launch several billion-dollar networks and raising more than $250 million in seed-stage funding.

Since its inception, Outlier Ventures has always viewed its portfolio as an open stack of technologies that contribute to a new web paradigm, referred to as the Open Metaverse, based on principles that prioritize the sovereignty of the user, their data, and digital wealth, over platform and shareholder supremacy. To learn more, visit or follow @OVioHQ on Twitter.

About is a play-to-earn mobile gaming platform powered by the blockchain.

Our platform enables players to compete against each other in skill-based games and earn crypto rewards and NFTs.

Our breakthrough innovation is the Win SDK that allows mobile game developers worldwide to seamlessly integrate the P2E model in any of their skill-based games with just two lines of code.

We are offering easy access to sustainable game monetization that will benefit all the parties involved in the process: the developers, the players, and the Win platform itself.

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