The gaming industry is well-known for its innovations and disruptive shifts that reel in millions of players worldwide and even more in revenue, year after year. For long enough, the revenue streams were only directed towards the developers and the game publishers of the industry, leaving the gamers to get only virtual fame for their skills and time spent playing the games. Then the play-to-earn model emerged, allowing users to cash in crypto rewards and NFTs by simply doing what they do best, playing skill-based games, and leveling up.
But how do developers jump in on this lucrative opportunity? The current issue they have is that integrating crypto and NFTs as rewards in your game is not as easy as one might think. Finding solutions can be a real hassle that takes away from a developer’s time to focus on the actual game creation.

In comes aims to alter for good the gaming industry by introducing a play-to-earn gaming infrastructure for Web3 where any game can be converted to the p2e model. How? By giving mobile developers around the world access to the WIN SDK, an out-of-the-box solution that enables any game to support crypto rewards and NFTs, as well as new game modes like tournaments and PvP.
With just two lines of code, developers will be integrating into their games some crucial features that are at the foundation of p2e. All games will benefit from a complex matchmaking algorithm that will ensure a fair gameplay experience for all users, no matter their level. The NFT based leveling system and staking rewards will allow players to earn actual rewards depending on their efforts. In a nutshell, the WIN SDK will connect any game to the blockchain, creating a win-win situation for everybody involved.

For developers, this translates into easy game monetization without the struggle of researching how to do it properly. Taking one thing off their to-do list means they will have more time and creative freedom to pour their best work into the game development phase. For players, it means earning a passive income from an activity they love so much, playing games. The better they will be at a specific game, the more they will win.

It’s a terrific opportunity for all the parties involved. Users will participate in mobile eSports tournaments where the winner takes a significant percentage of the total entry fee prize pool. What remains is split into equal amounts between the Win platform and the developers.

Purposeful gaming - bringing meaning into everyday games

We believe that the world can be made a better place through blockchain technology, enabling users to do good and transform the reality they live in. For a long time, technology has had the opposite effect of what it claimed to do. Meant to bring people together and create an interconnected world, we’ve actually found ourselves more disconnected from the real world than ever before, safe in our little technological bubbles that make us feel connected and yet so far away from it all.

That’s where purposeful gaming comes into play, ready to disrupt how we interact with each other and with the world around us.’s long-term objective is to deliver a scalable model for a sustainable future with the help of various projects like planting trees, ocean cleanup, or regenerative agriculture. Imagine being able to use the in-game points you’ve earned to do a bit of good, like planting trees in an area that requires it.

Our purpose is to be the drivers of this revolutionary change in the collective mind of people. It is a change that empowers anybody to make a difference by simply doing something they enjoy: gaming.

A real WIN is one where everybody wins, the gamers, the developers, itself, and ultimately the planet. That’s the impact we’re trying to make in our world, both real and virtual.

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