Play-to-earn crypto games are all the rave right now, and you’re probably trying to find the easiest way to integrate this monetization model into the games you develop. Finding the right way to make your games support crypto rewards and NFTs can be quite the hassle, and it takes away from the creative vision and beauty you’re trying to pour into your work. Well, your luck is about to change! aims to dramatically improve the mobile eSports industry by allowing developers from all around the world to tap into the play-to-earn model effortlessly. With the Win SDK, two lines of code are all you need!

Introducing the first Games

A great idea without proof of concept remains just that — an idea. embarks on this game-changing journey with five skill-based games that will skyrocket the play-to-earn concept into a new era: Play-to-Win!

Awaken the wordsmith within with WordCraft

How many words can you discover before the timer runs out? This game allows players to test and stretch their language skills by connecting letter blocks to form words. Challenge after challenge, the difficulty increases, and bonus rounds give the player the chance to stay ahead of the game.

Each player will be matched against a worthy opponent and the best wordsmith WINs!

Pinball becomes Winball

This fan-favorite classic takes a twist for the better! Play pinball like never before with added explosives, surprise treasure chests, and other in-game power-ups. Players compete against each other, showing off their strategic thinking skills, all with the goal of winning awesome crypto rewards!

Anybody can jump with Hoopshot

Basketball might not be for everybody in real life, but on, any player can show off their NBA-level hoop shot skills. The cleaner your shots are, the bigger your chances of winning the game are. Ready to hoop?

Strike gold with Royal Bingo

Everyone secretly loves bingo! Now players can compete against each other in this game iteration that rewards them for fast reaction times and bingo knowledge skills. It also features various power-ups and bonuses that unlock an absolute winning frenzy.

Get ready to shout “Bingo” from the comfort of your couch.

Stand your ground in Pillars of Defense has something for everyone, 80’s arcade video games nostalgics included. Defend your territory against oncoming waves of enemy forces. The game rewards its players for fast thinking and even faster shooting. Use the in-game power-ups to pave your way to victory.

May the greatest heroes survive ‘till the end!

What all these games have in common is the Win SDK, the powerful kit that allows any game to evolve towards the play-to-earn model and help developers properly monetize their creations. If you’re a mobile game developer that wants to hop on the blockchain express, this is the way to go.

You only have to worry about creating a mind-blowing game; takes care of the rest for you. It’s a Win-Win situation!

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