Play-to-earn games have taken the gaming industry by storm, adding a whole new layer of excitement for players worldwide. Combining the power of blockchain gaming with an innovative monetization model, play-to-earn games reward players with more than bragging rights as they take ownership of their in-game assets. Add NFTs into the mix, and you have the recipe for the success play-to-earn already is. Based on these new developments, new and existing projects can create tremendous success, and since we’re still in the early days, the best is yet to come. is ushering in a new era for blockchain gaming. Soon, developers worldwide can tap into an out-of-the-box solution to empower their games to support crypto rewards and NFTs, as well as new game modes such as PvP and tournaments. The aim is to bring on-chain mobile eSports to the hands of the masses, setting a new standard for the mobile eSports industry.

Win SDK — play-to-earn in two lines of code

Any moment a game developer spends doing anything else other than creating an engaging experience for their users is a moment wasted. The Win SDK was built with one main goal: to remove the hassle of monetization from the development process, allowing creators to focus on reaching their vision.

The Win SDK packs in all the core features that sit at the foundation of the play-to-earn model:

  • a complex match-making and player rating algorithm that enables PvP gameplay and ensures that players are always matched with players of similar skills, thus providing a fun and fair gaming experience;
  • a complete blockchain-powered crypto payments solution that uses non-custodial wallets and Win’s native $FTW token as in-game currency;
  • NFT-based leveling system and staking rewards, allowing for unlimited gamification opportunities and attractive rewards for the players;
  • Realtime analytics to keep track of all relevant data;
  • 24/7 player support — for those times when things don’t go exactly the way you want them, an experienced and dedicated support team will always be one click away, ready to make things right.

By empowering all mobile game developers globally and connecting them to the blockchain, our platform offers never-before-seen ways of creating and retaining value to empower creativity and innovation where it deserves to be allocated. You do what you do best — create; we got your back with everything else.

Win Realm — where Heroes are made, not born

The Win Realm is a component of the Win Ecosystem designed to highlight the potential of the Win SDK. It uses Heroes, unique Polygon-based NFTs (ERC-721) as player-owned characters, and features a journey that captures the adventures of three ancient tribes.

The Heroes of the Win Realm level up with every action a player takes; the mightier a Hero becomes, the more opportunities it will unlock, from increased staking rewards, to access to special tournaments, unique NFT collectibles, and anything in-between. — Revolutionizing Play-to-Earn

We strongly believe that blockchain technology can change the world for the better, and we aim to be drivers of that change. By rebuilding the play-to-earn gaming infrastructure for Web3, we want to redefine the very concept and give it a new meaning: play-to-win.

Our vision is to create a lucrative opportunity for three key stakeholders: developers, players, and the Win Platform itself. Players participate in eSports tournaments where the winner takes a percentage of the total entry fee prize pool. The remaining amount is split equally between the game developers and the Win platform.

Everyone wins!

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