We’ve talked so much about earning crypto and NFTs through our upcoming Win.app games that you must be giddy by now to know more about our NFT collections: what will the NFTs look like? What’s the story behind them? It’s time to uncover our non-fungible tokens, the Win Heroes, and their incredible journeys.

Win Realm - Where Digital Art meets Magic

The Win Realm is a mystical land full of great adventures, a place surrounded by mystery and magic where our Heroes reside. No one really knows how this realm came to be or how long ago it appeared; such magical are its beginnings.

Three mighty tribes of warriors inhabit these lands, each with a fascinating story of its own. These three tribes evolved since the dawn of time, encompassing twelve classes with unique features, traits, and skills:

  1. Paios- the tribe of warrior NFTs
  2. Miger- the wise and peaceful NFTs
  3. Bere - the curious NFTs

They all roam the Win Realm, ready for adventure.

Crypto Collectibles - Heroes are made, not born

We’ve all heard countless stories about brave heroes who rise when they are needed, who defend their lands and honor and ultimately win, even when all odds seem against them. We were used to believing that heroes are born. They are individuals so extraordinary, courageous, and noble that a formidable path is chosen for them at birth. That is not necessarily true. Some heroes are made.

What’s a Win Hero? Take a player’s avatar, sprinkle some Win magic on it, and what you get is a Hero - your digital asset that will accompany you within the Win Realm. In their essence, the Heroes of the Win Realm are bits of digital art shaped as ERC-721 NFTs that live in your digital wallet, which means you have complete ownership of them. They are your collectibles.

These virtual avatars combine the features, looks, and skills of three ancient tribes, consisting of twelve classes each, thus creating a myriad of unique heroes, all minted with one purpose: to offer you the best play-to-win experience!

The Miger Tribe

One of the original tribes, the Migers, are the peace-makers. They worship nature and believe that all races should live together in harmony. They are nurturers, lovers of their lands, and anything that is alive. They avoid confrontations at all costs, as cohabitation is more important for Migers than accumulating wealth or power. However, as kind and nurturing their spirit is, they can be fierce and unpredictable warriors when forced.

The Paios Tribe

Paios are the conquerors. They come from far away lands, unknown to humankind. They are true experts of the dark arts, a mastery that makes them both feared and revered. They consider themselves the superior race and worship an ancient prophecy that claims that they are the rulers of all known and unknown lands. Their sole objective is to fulfill said prophecy, ensuring their supremacy over all other inhabitants of the Win realm.

The Bere Tribe

They are the explorers, full of curiosity and fearless, always ready to uncover this world filled with wonders. They’re highly skilled in combat, training continuously and taking pride in rarely losing on the battlefield. They have a short temper, making them a dangerous enemy yet a powerful ally. They do not accept defeat easily and dislike not being the ones in control at all times.

The greater your Hero, the bigger the rewards

Your actions within the Win Realm will earn you might points, which determine the level of your Hero. The mightier your Hero becomes, the more opportunities you get to advance in the ecosystem.

Your Hero’s might can bring you greater staking rewards, special access to limited tournaments, and one-of-a-kind NFT collectibles that you can easily trade or sell for crypto in the NFT marketplaces. The Win Realm will give your Hero countless chances to prove its might through single-player quests, PvP tournaments, etc.

Hero Tag - a name worthy of its bearer

A hero’s name is as vital as its sword. One’s legacy is bound to its name, as that’s how he will be remembered throughout the ages. Ensure your legacy with a name so fierce it will make all others bow down just by hearing it.

@Hero Tags make your Hero known throughout the Win Realm. Just like with knights, lords, dukes, and any other titles, yours must be well deserved. You'll get a unique custom URL that points directly to your Win profile alongside the Hero Tag.

Besides being your custom name in the Win realm, Hero tags are also extremely functional, enabling easy trading on the platform like $FTW transfers, collectible swaps, etc.

The legend goes that the Ancestral Fire of Life, the powerful life force of the Win realm, simply fizzled out one day. Such great disturbance had never been seen before, so worried heroes from all corners of the realm gathered next to the place where the Fire once burned, trying to decipher the new mystery that lay beyond them.

As they fretted and searched their troubled minds for an answer, the Ancestral Fire of Life sparked into existence with a proud purple flame never encountered before. The heroes immediately understood that a new time was beginning just before their eyes, the Play-to-Win era.

The only question that remains is, what will you do? Will you heed the purple’s flame calling and embark on this fantastical journey through the Win realm? Or will you ignore your fates and remain just a speck of dust unknown and unheard of in this universe?

If you're ready to embrace your destiny in this world, prepare your digital wallets for the mightiest non-fungible tokens in all the lands. The Win Heroes will come to life as soon as we go live, and you'll be able to mint NFTs, buy and sell these virtual items on the NFT marketplace, or simply use the artwork for your profile picture. Collectors will be delighted to know that our NFTs will drop soon on a blockchain network near you!

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