Guess who's back? We'll give you a hint! It's your favorite type of update ( even better than the balance account update after you receive money).

We're talking about the bi-weekly update from our hard-working developers that come bearing treats!

Let's dive in!

🚀 New Features

  • Added the BTCsuite/rpcclient in the bitcoind adapter in the cryptopayment microservice;
  • Created addresses using an hdwallet in the Bitcoin node in cryptopayment microservice;
  • Added "Getting Started" screens to Win App;
  • Implemented the API auth storage in PSQL for cryptopayment microservice;
  • Added withdrawal domain object and logic in cryptopayment microservice;
  • Made significant advancements with our latest game - keep an eye on our socials for some in-game footage ;)

🛠️ Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Refactored the new BTC block handler to support ETH blocks also by using generics;
  • Refactored the withdrawal command handlers: the previous implementations had a different handler for every currency; now there is a single command, and the currency is given by the command parameters.
  • Updated Win SDK’s native modules;
  • Fixed some of the bugs caused by the domain layer refactor in cryptopayment microservice;
  • Implemented two new methods supporting the changes caused by the refactor in the app layer for Bitcoin;
  • Updated Bitcoin to the latest version (24) in cryptopayment adapters;
  • Improved the PSQL queries in Wallee Polygon service;
  • Updated Wallee Polygon dependencies and liters and fixed linting issues.

That's the latest batch of exciting updates! We'll come soon with more!

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