The crypto universe is a never-ending source of new ideas, exciting trends, and ground-breaking projects. After the massive success of the play-to-earn games that rewards users with crypto tokens and NFTs for their gameplay, new ways to earn crypto have emerged.

We've talked extensively about play-to-earn crypto games, so naturally, it's time to check out other ways to earn cryptocurrency: move-to-earn and learn-to-earn.

Sounds intriguing, right? Let's see how you can earn money with these two new crypto trends.

Move-to-earn games or how it pays to stay fit

What is move-to-earn? It can't be as simple as its name, right? Wrong! The M2E model really stands for earning crypto by moving around, running, walking, or participating in any form of exercise. We see you fitness junkies getting excited!

Similar to how the play-to-earn model uses blockchain technology to enable users to earn tokens by playing different games, the move-to-earn projects reward players for participating in various fitness activities.

The science behind the moves

That's a fancy way of saying, " How does move-to-earn work?"

M2E combines GameFi and NFTs with GPS technology from people's mobile phones or smartwatches. The move-to-earn model can be utilized in a smartwatch application, a mobile step app, or even in games. Users agree to allow their movement data to be registered on the blockchain and receive NFTs or the project's native token in return.

The crypto games that integrate move-to-earn use it as a way to progress your gameplay or to level up your avatar by having a walk or exercising in real life. You can even compete against friends or other players from around the world.

How To Earn Crypto with Move-To-Earn Apps

There are several ways you can earn money with move-to-earn apps:

Exercise: This is the centerpiece of the move-to-earn model. Any form of movement will help you earn crypto rewards. You can do your morning jogs, run in the forest or park, take a stroll around the neighborhood, etc.

Users get rewarded with the specific in-game currency of the platform. They can use the tokens in the game or use crypto exchanges to turn them into fiat money.

Mint: Players can also mint the in-game NFTs on platforms like Stepn and Step App and then use them or trade them on the dedicated NFT marketplaces. For example, Stepn allows you to mint NFT sneakers.

Trade: Move-to-earn apps' mechanics are similar to those of crypto games. You can collect, sell or trade any rewards you get out of exercising on centralized or decentralized exchanges.

Stake: These platforms all use GameFi mechanics, so most of them feature staking to make passive income when you're not on the move.

The Step App platform has a perpetual staking feature, which means users can stake once and earn continual rewards.

Top move-to-earn games

Are you ready to step up your game, literally? We've compiled a list of the best move-to-earn games and apps you can try out in the future:


Amongst the first M2E projects is Stepn, an app built on the Solana blockchain that rewards users for their actual step count. Of course, there's a catch. Before you start earning money, you have to spend some coins on a pair of NFT sneakers.

Once you have your virtual sneakers, the app rewards you for every step, so make them count. Walking, jogging, or running are all great methods for making money on this platform. Stepn takes a royalty fee whenever a user buys or sells their NFTs.


MetaGym is the first move-to-earn gym of the Metaverse. It has a mobile app, a smartwatch application, and its own Polygon-based crypto token, MGCN. The platform includes Fit-fi, Sleep-fi, and Game-fi features.

Users can perform different tasks like cardio training, strength and resistance training, or even sleeping properly. The tokens earned can be used to level up and mint new NFT clothing, power-ups, and all sorts of upgrades.


Sweatcoin is another move-to-earn game that rewards users for walking or running. You earn the SWEAT token for every 1000 steps taken as a reward.

The tokens can be used to buy things in the Sweatcoin marketplace, such as fitness gear, electronics, or gift cards.


This move-to-earn NFT game revolves around raising pets through movement. You level up your "spirit animal" by moving around in real life and earning GENE tokens. The Genopets NFTs fight against opponents and win battles, granting you more of the game's token.

Users can sell their coins to other crypto gamers or trade non-fungible tokens in online marketplaces.

Step App

The Step app platform is similar to Stepn. They are both move-to-earn projects that focus on rewarding exercise and compel users to buy NFTs to get started.

To start on the website, you must select a SNEAKs NFT and use it as your in-game gear to move and earn money. To earn a crypto reward, you can compete in running marathons against your friends and win the cryptocurrency pool.

The native token is called KCAL, and you can obtain it by running while staking your SNEAKs.


This move-to-earn crypto game gives its users MOOV tokens for completing workouts.

DotMoovs features an Augmented Reality (AR) option. You can complete workouts in real-world locations and get crypto tokens for it. The app uses "moov points" to track your data, like progress and in-game assets.

As all these apps prove, the M2E model might be not only a cool way to monetize your fitness habits, but it could also make the world a healthier place. As the trend evolves, more platforms will emerge on the market, so make sure to stay updated with the latest news.

Learn-to-earn: good news for crypto nerds

Crypto enthusiasts who love to research what's new and hot in the crypto markets can be rewarded for their learning effort. Users can receive tokens from a platform for the simple act of reading about that specific project.

Most often, a centralized exchange will offer learn-to-earn incentives to users in a bid to attract more people to open an account and use their services. Project developers use this model too to increase a new token's market cap. Users that earn crypto for learning about a new currency are more likely to stick with these coins and trade them, increasing their value over time.

Where can you learn-to-earn?

Binance and Coinbase are centralized exchanges that offer the possibility of making money by watching educational videos or reading articles and completing quizzes afterward.

Coinbase Earn allows users to watch animated videos or read articles and tests their knowledge afterward with quizzes. If you answer correctly, you receive a bit of the specific token you just learned about.

If you have an account with Binance, you can participate in their Binance Learn program. The rules are the same: watch some videos and answer questions afterward. The crypto exchange will reward you with a voucher for crypto coins, redeemable for 14 days.

Play-to-earn games you should try out

If earning money with M2E and L2E sounds appealing, wait until you try some P2E games!

Below are 3 of our favorite crypto games that will soon launch on the


Are you dreaming of showing off your LeBron slam dunk skills and earning cryptocurrency in exchange? turns your dreams into reality with Hoopshot, a P2E mobile eSports game where you can shoot hoops and win NFTs and FTW, the game's native currency.

Pillars of Defense

The tower defense genre is loved by many gamers worldwide, as it combines fast-paced action with victories and defeating enemies. P2E games pertaining to this genre are a great way to get started with blockchain games, as they are easy to play and reward users with cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

For example, Pillars of Defense is a game that gives players a simple objective: stand your ground against enemy forces and prove you're the best. The last man standing gets the loot- Win Heroes NFTs and other digital assets!


Scribblers, writers, and crossword enthusiasts will be thrilled to hear they can earn money showing off their skills. This P2E game works like this: you receive letter blocks and must make words out of them. As many as you can, as fast as you can.

If you're fast on your feet and a true wordsmith, you'll win the round and cash out the prize!

Tell us you're ready for Wordcraft without telling us you're ready for Wordcraft!

Final thoughts

Just like P2E, the new M2E trend and its learning counterpart, L2E, are gaining momentum and attracting new users to the cryptocurrency world. You should be aware that neither of these models won't make you rich, but they represent smart and simple ways to introduce you to the crypto sphere by doing something you like, whether that means reading or being active.

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