Summer may be gone, but our updates are still hot! Check out what we’ve been up to lately.

📢 Introducing Unlimited Tournaments

The Win SDK packs a lot of amazing things, but one key feature is the tournaments component. Our tournaments bring mobile gaming to a new level, allowing players to go head-to-head against each other in the ultimate gaming experience. It doesn’t stop there, though – multiplayer tournaments are also on the menu, giving players a chance to compete against multiple opponents in the pursuit of a higher prize pool.

There are 4 main types of tournaments:

  • 2 players, synchronous – this tournament type involves two players competing against each other in real-time; once the round ends, the winner is decided on the spot based on score;
  • 2 players, asynchronous – in this tournament mode, the two players do not need to play the round at the same time; once the first player finishes the round, they submit the score, and the score gets compared to the second players’ score once they finish the round, the higher score determining the winner;
  • Multiplayer tournaments – this tournament mode allows multiple players to participate, and a prize pool is split among a set number of winners;
  • Unlimited tournaments – this tournament mode spans across a specific period of time, and users can join multiple times to increase their odds; winners are decided based on the highest individual scores.

The 4 main tournament modes will be available in the Win SDK at launch, with plans to add more modes down the road, such as:

  • Team Tournaments – a mode where players will be able to form teams, and compete against other teams;
  • Bracket Tournaments – Multiple players in a single-elimination tournament, seeded by skill level in a given game;
  • Leagued Tournaments – a tournament mode where players will need to compete across a different number of games and days to accumulate points.

🚀 New Features

  • Added synchronous, asynchronous, multiplayer and unlimited tournaments.
  • Completed Transfer Hero feature implementation
  • Implemented BlockingQueue to optimize how elements are handled;
  • Implemented token transfer using account foreign identifier;
  • Implemented fungible token transfers using meta transactions;
  • Completed all in-game assets for 21 Knights and Dragons;

🛠️ Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Improvements to the Collectibles and Mint Hero flows;
  • Refactored User and Accounts microservices;
  • Fixed bugs in the Android build;
  • Fixed UI bugs that displayed inconsistent text fields
  • Fixed NFT Transfer bug;
  • Fixed RPC endpoints bug;

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