Making money playing games must be one of the most frequent dreams of most kids and teenagers. Long gone are the days when girls wanted to be princesses and boys astronauts. Now, both girls and boys would love to make money playing video games or becoming game developers.

The beauty of it is that this dream is highly attainable. There are so many real money-earning games on the Internet today; you just have to pick what to play. You can win cash prizes by playing word games, arcade games, fighting games, or even by watching videos between games.

Another way to make extra money playing games is with play-to-earn crypto games. P2E games rely on blockchain technology to integrate crypto rewards and NFTs in the mix with online mobile games and game tournaments. You show off your gaming skills against other players and win cryptocurrencies and other digital collectibles.

We've talked extensively about how crypto gaming works, how to buy gaming crypto coins, or how to buy NFTs, so check out our other articles to get up to speed with the play-to-earn model.

Let's jump in and see what the video game industry has to offer regarding real money-earning games and P2E crypto games.

Where to play games and earn money

You're probably wondering where you can find these games that reward you with cash prizes or crypto. If you want to earn money online, you must constantly research what new games are in, what gaming app is trending right now, what are the best play-to-earn games and so on.

One of the online platforms where you'll soon be able to play games and participate in mobile eSports gaming tournaments is Let's check it out a bit, shall we? platform

You're here, so you must've heard of us before, right? If not, let me refresh your memory. is a crypto gaming platform that enables game developers from around the world to turn any mobile game into a play-to-earn crypto game with just two lines of code. Any classic game will be reinvented on, supporting crypto rewards and NFTs, as well as new game modes like PvP and online tournaments.

The Win SDK is the star of the show as it allows game developers to transform any game to the P2E model with only two lines of code. Online gaming has never been so easy to monetize as right now.

The platform also comes with several online games that we will check later, as well as the Win Realm, a component of the Win ecosystem designed to showcase the massive potential of the Win SDK.

The Win Realm is the home of Win Heroes, unique Polygon-based NFTs (ERC-721) that players can own, immersing themselves in a journey that captures the adventures of three ancient tribes.

Every action a player takes counts towards leveling up their Hero. The greater the Win Hero is, the bigger the rewards become. Your NFTs can unlock increased staking rewards, access to special gaming tournaments, unique digital collectibles, and so much more.

How much money can you make playing video games?

It all depends on you! The amount of money you can make playing video games depends on your skills, the game you play or apps you use, and how much time you are willing to dedicate to this.

Are you planning to do this as a past-time or hobby, or are you aiming to become one of the best professional gamers out there?

Playing online games can bring you anywhere from $20 to $200 per hour, depending on many factors. Do you play head-to-head competitions? Do you watch the video or banner ads or just skip them? Do you participate in live professional gaming events? Or maybe you make gameplay tutorials on the Youtube channel for your favorite games?

Another way to increase your earnings is by participating in video game tournaments, which offer gamers considerable cash rewards and other incentives. Game tournaments usually pay anywhere in the thousands per tournament.

As you can see, there's a great potential to win real-world rewards when playing video games.

How much can you make with play-to-earn games?

When you play crypto games, you don't win cash prizes; you win cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

The crypto coins you earn in P2E games can be traded or sold for fiat money. The money you can make with blockchain games depends on what games you're playing, what types of tokens you earn, and their value on the market.

Keep in mind that the crypto market is volatile. You might win some coins or NFTs with small market value now, but if you keep them, the same collectibles might double or triple in value in a few months. Of course, the reverse is also applicable.

If you want to make crypto money playing games online, make sure you research extensively about blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens, and the P2E model. Don't invest any money you can't afford to lose into your crypto gaming habit.

Top highest paying crypto games- make money playing games

Let's take a look at the most promising online games that reward players with crypto prizes and NFTs:


Word puzzle games are a fantastic way to earn money and crypto. If you like word games and solving crosswords in the Sunday paper, you'll have so much fun with Wordcraft.

The gameplay is straightforward. Connect letter blocks to form words and earn more points than your opponent. The winner takes the prize pool, earning crypto that he can sell afterward for real cash.

Since we're talking about P2E games, you don't need to invest in a gaming console. All you need is your phone and a good Wifi connection.


CryptoBlades is similar to traditional fighting games, where you fight monsters or complete in-game raids. Players earn SKILL tokens and weapons that help them increase their power and defeat opponents.

Crypto gamers can forge their own unique blades, trade them on the marketplace, stake their gains, and play in PvP tournaments.

Royal Bingo

How about playing a new or upgraded game of Bingo? Royal Bingo gives all bingo lovers the chance to win crypto tokens and NFTs by playing their favorite game.

If you earn money constantly from Bingo and master the game easily, the play-to-earn version will bring extra excitement and the opportunity to collect some awesome digital assets.

Axie Infinity

One of the most popular crypto games of the moment is Axie Infinity, a P2E where players breed, raise, battle, or trade Axies, little NFT creatures.

If you like battle games, you'll get hooked on this blockchain game, where you use your Axies to enter fights against other players. You can also earn cash by converting the in-game currency to real money.

Pillars of Defense

Arcade games and strategy games have always been some of the fan favorites. Pillars of Defense is taking the tower defense genre to the next level by throwing crypto prizes and digital collectibles into the mix.

Your objective is simple. Stand your ground and protect your territory against oncoming waves of enemy forces. You can use different power-ups to advance in the game and win the rounds against your opponents.

Alien Worlds

This blockchain game revolves around an alien universe with a few planets where users fight against each other for scarce resources and mine the Trillium cryptocurrency.

Crypto gamers can compete against one another, participate in various quests, and earn additional income by renting out the land. If you like free games that give you the chance to earn money, you might want to check out Alien Worlds.


Another new release, Hoopshot, is a P2E game where your goal is to show off your basketball skills. Hoop after hoop, you'll gather points and advance in the game, earning crypto coins for your efforts.

Like all the games, you can win real cash prizes if you exchange your digital rewards for fiat currency.

Benji Bananas

You might go bananas over Benji Bananas! This free-to-play game has adopted the Ape Coin, the governance and utility token used in the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem, turning it into a play-to-earn crypto game.

The game is all about making Benji, the monkey, and other characters leap from vine to vine through the jungle.


The newest addition to the crypto games repertoire is Serpents, an action-packed battle royale face-off P2E game. This arcade survival game tests your battlefield skills as you have to grow your snake and slither your way between multiple opponents, making sure nobody can reach you.

Your goal is to be the last serpent alive when the 3 minute round is over and cash in that sweet crypto prize. But do you have the skills to last that long?

Other ways to make money while you play video games

Playing games is not the only way you can make money from video games. You can use other game-related methods to earn money online or even get free gift cards or gaming equipment. Let's see what other options you have:

Create a Youtube channel

Most of the dedicated players that make money playing games online also have niched Youtube channels that help them increase their income.

As a Youtuber, you can run live streams or pre-record yourself playing games for others to watch. You can create and post video game tutorials, review games or react to how others play them, or you can give tips and tricks to your followers on how to advance their gameplay.

It's a great way to earn money playing games online, as the people watching videos on your Youtube channel generate revenue. You will gain a percentage of ad revenue when your followers watch video or banner ads on your gaming videos.

Participate in big tournaments

A great way to make extra income is by participating in big cash tournaments or any major league gaming circuit that pays considerably.

Many video game companies host these kinds of tournaments where thousands of players compete against each other for insane prizes. Popular video games such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, League of Legends, and Dota 2 pay out millions of dollars in tournament prizes yearly.

Professional gamers compete in these tournaments and leave with thousands or millions of dollars in their bank account. So if you're confident in your mad gaming skills, enroll yourself in a tournament this year and make money playing video games.

Become a professional game tester

Another way to play video games and earn cash is to become a game tester. You can look for job openings at a video game company that you like and apply for a quality assurance game tester position.

Your job will be to test several games, provide feedback on the quality of the game, and report any bugs or issues you're spotting while playing.

Become a streamer on Twitch

Twitch is one of the most popular online gaming sites that lets gamers around the world watch e-sports competitions, music videos, and other types of content. Every gamer that's into playing online games can earn real money by streaming their gameplay on the platform.

Twitch monetizes your live streams through ads, subscriptions, and more. The more views you have, the more your income will increase.

Twitch also allows users to ask for donations from their channel, giving fans the chance to support them directly.

Create video game tutorials

Since you love playing games so much, why not record yourself doing what you love? Creating video game tutorials is an easy way to make money playing games.

You can choose your favorite games or focus on one in particular and teach other gamers how to play it, advance in the game, etc.

Become a video game journalist

Cool job alert! If you're into writing just as much as you're into game apps and video games, we have the perfect career opportunity for you: video game journalist!

The job entails reporting on new releases from video game companies, playing games and writing reviews, and reporting on big tournaments.

On average, most video game journalists earn between $26,000-$103,000 depending on their previous experience, profile, and portfolio. You can be a freelance video game journalist if you don't want to get hired by a video game publication and prefer to do it as a side gig.

Start a video game coaching business

Maybe you're very good at teaching others how to play. Why not dip your toes in the entrepreneurship side of things with a video game coaching business?

Video game coaches are responsible for walking clients through gameplay tutorials, giving players tips and advice, and helping gamers improve their skills as they practice for video game tournaments. You can create live one-on-one sessions with customers or record videos that more people can watch simultaneously.

Become a video game developer

We've kept the best ( and hardest) for last! Maybe you want more than to earn money playing games online. Do you love games so dearly that you'd be thrilled to be behind the scenes and create them? Video game developers combine their passion for playing with creativity and game design and make the fantastic games we gush about.

You can work with several gaming companies and develop new and exciting games for the industry, but you must have the necessary skills and knowledge.

Mobile games & apps that offer real money cash rewards

We've learned about several ways to make money playing games, and we've also gone through a list of some of the best play-to-earn crypto games of the moment.

The time has come to check some cash games, too, just in case you want to take your gaming online experience to another level.

You can find most of these games on Google Play Store, so download and installation are a breeze.

Paid Game Player is a website that pays you to play games, watch videos, and test different products. You can choose between a premium membership that costs $4.99/month or the free basic membership.

The free membership allows you to earn money, but at a slower rate: you can only earn cash from a limited number of games, playing games to earn points that can be converted afterward for real money.

Premium members can earn additional income from reviewing games like a tester. You have to pay attention to glitches and bugs while playing, write your feedback, and win extra money.

Skillz Gaming

Skillz Gaming is an eSports platform that offers users multiple games to play. You can choose between trivia games, puzzle games, or even battle games, and you have to compete against other people.

Any winnings you make are paid out via Paypal cash or directly to your Paypal account. You can play the games on the website or download the app on your phone.


Blitz is a mobile game app where players compete against one another and win real money by playing simple games like Solitaire, Bingo, Pool, Helix Jump, Ball Blast, Blackjack, Poker, etc.

The app is free to download and play, and you can easily withdraw any earnings into your Paypal, Venmo, or bank account.


Mistplay is a popular game app that gamers worldwide use to earn money playing games. It also works as a game testing website, giving developers the opportunity to see if players enjoy their games and what aspects they might need to improve.

Users test the games and answer surveys to share their feedback with the game developers. The amount you earn depends on how long or complicated the game is. You will earn points for each game you play, which you can exchange for free gift cards or in-app credits.


Another excellent option for earning money while playing games is Swagbucks. This website also offers other options to earn cash:

  1. You can participate in online surveys and snag anywhere between 5 cents and 35 dollars for brand and market research surveys.
  2. You can test various products and services and get rewarded for your honest opinion on them.
  3. The website also pays users for watching videos online and leaving reviews of pre-determined lengths.

Final thoughts

With so many options available at your fingertips, it's equally hard and easy to make some bucks from your favorite thing in the world. It's hard to decide what games to play or what other activities to try to increase your revenue. But once you choose, it's easy to earn money playing games.

For us, the best option is playing crypto games, of course! Play-to-earn games combine the excitement of gaming with the innovative monetization opportunity that blockchain technology brings. What could be better than being rewarded with crypto tokens and NFTs for having fun and winning games?

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