The NFT market is growing by the day, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with all that's new, hip, and worth it in the NFT space. Of course, the big players and NFT pioneers stay the same, more or less, but the other projects come and go at a dizzying speed.

It's critical to always be up to speed regarding what's hot and what's not in the NFT marketplace, as there are so many emerging NFT artists, relevant NFT projects, and juicy NFT news that the whole community wants to know. Throw NFT gaming in the mix too, and that's a massive load of information to digest daily.

So how do we keep up with the latest NFT market trends? How do we know the new play-to-earn crypto games releases? We devour the information from as many sources as we can!

You can find NFT insider scoop on Social Media. You can read about the NFT industry on either Reddit or Discord, but that's not all. If you're not that big of a reader but want to know what's happening with blockchain technology, NFT games, and other NFT subjects, you can listen to NFT podcasts.

You wouldn't believe it, but the NFT podcast space is quite generous, and there are so many NFT podcasts to listen to that you might even find it hard to pick just a few.

No worries! We'll walk you through a selection of some of the best podcasts that talk about the most popular projects, the best NFT artists, and the top NFT pioneers.

Non-fungible token Quick Recap

If anybody is new around here, an NFT is a non-fungible token, a unique digital item that cannot be replaced with another. NFTs can be pieces of digital art, music and videos, in-game items, and even virtual plots of land.

We've dedicated an entire article to explaining what NFTs are, so make sure to read it before going any further.

For those of you who are NFT enthusiasts and didn't need the recap, let's dive then into the main subject and see some of the best NFT podcasts in the crypto space.

Two Bored Apes

The Two Bored Apes NFT podcast, hosted by Jamie and Roy (also known as Jaime Musings and Zeneca in the NFT space), is jam-packed with brilliant analysis and talks about the most important NFT creators, new NFT projects and any other NFT topics.

Copyright © Two Bored Apes

NFT Catcher Podcast

As the NFT sector develops, Jennifer Sutton & Michael Keen want to keep their audience up to date on all pertinent developments. The NFT Catcher Podcast is ideal for the seasoned NFT trader or someone just interested in learning what is occurring in the NFT industry because it focuses on market dynamics and how to make a profit with NFTs. They also present the newest launches and talk about their own non-fungible token purchases.

Since it gives investing advice, the NFT Catcher Podcast is intended for anyone with at least a rudimentary understanding of the NFT environment.

Copyright © NFT Catcher Podcast

The Nifty Show

The Nifty Show is one of the first podcasts about NFTs, having been launched back in the mid-2020s by hosts Joel Comm and Travis Wright. It has more than 100 podcast episodes and features awesome interviews with NFT experts and the top NFT thought leaders.

The conversations are casual, and they talk about the most popular NFT projects, so it's fun and easy to listen and a great way to learn about lots of upcoming drops.

Go listen to Joel Comm and Travis Wright on The Nifty Show if you haven't already!

Copyright © The Nifty Show

Edge of NFT Podcast

The Edge of NFT Podcast, hosted by Eathan Janney, Jeff Kelley, and Joshua Kriger, delivers you not only the top 1% of what's happening with NFTs right now but also what will endure.

This weekly NFT podcast brings you all the novelties, but it  can also serve as a reference for predicting which components and trends in the NFT market will persevere and which will pass away quickly.

They take you on an NFT journey through different projects and the latest NFT news, making the NFT podcast perfect for seasoned NFT traders who want to stay up to date.

Copyright © Edge of NFT Podcast


Serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist Kevin Rose is the host of PROOF. He conducts interviews with established and up-and-coming non-fungible artists. The NFT gaming and metaverse, as well as founders developing new tools for creators and collectors, are among the topics covered by PROOF.


Another excellent conversation-style podcast, Shot2TheMoon, features two informed and experienced hosts talking about the most recent news, forthcoming releases, and any new purchases they may have made.

They recently launched their own collection of NFTs, so the weekly podcast and NFT talk show naturally discusses their progress and what's happening with that. They keep the NFT community informed about everything in the NFT world.

The Mint Condition

The Mint Condition is always full of in-depth interviews with notable figures from the crypto space on a variety of themes. This podcast covers a wide range of topics, including NFT flipping, valuable resources for starting businesses, and general market reviews.

You can find it on Apple podcasts every week.

Copyright © The Mint Condition


Another excellent crypto podcast on the subject is called Unchained.

The hostess, Laura Shin, examines how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are transforming our culture, the idea of digital ownership, and the present financial system.


Bankless is the place to go if you're seeking a reliable site to learn about everything DeFi-related. The nicest thing about this crypto podcast is that it doesn't just discuss the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency markets; it also looks at other issues in the blockchain and NFT sector that have the potential to influence and even alter the Web architecture itself.

Copyright © Bankless

NFT Talk Show

The NFT Talk Show provides all the "tea about NFTs," as the hosts explain. Everything relating to non-fungible tokens, from news to how-tos, is available here. This podcast series is jam-packed with fascinating conversations with creators and collectors who will respond to all of your inquiries.

For example, you can tune in to their podcast episode that compares and contrasts the Opensea and Looksrare marketplaces while highlighting some typical problems Opensea users encounter.

Copyright © NFT Talk Show

Zima Red

Presenter Andrew Steinwold investigates the future of NFTs, the metaverse, and virtual worlds with Zima Red. Web3's engine Zima Red offers a more precise grasp of metaverse developments.

Copyright © Zima Red

NFT 365

Brian Fanzo, a digital futurist, keynote speaker, and Web 3 pioneer, is the host of NFT 365.

The first DAILY NFT Podcast powered by $ADHD currency features interviews, breaking news, brief instructive programs, and emerging trends and initiatives. The host states that he " translates the geek-speak" around the creator economy, web3, blockchain, bitcoin, and the metaverse so that anybody can understand it.

Copyright © NFT 365

Tokel Talk

Tokel Talk is a great podcast from Tokel, an open-source, dedicated token & non-fungible token platform. The Tokel platform offers complete token solutions to projects, companies, and creators.

Copyright © Tokel Talk

NFTs on Fire

In his podcast, NFTs on Fire, John Lee Dumas shares an overview of the NFT marketplace, who's hot and who's not. He also regularly reviews upcoming NFT projects, giving his two cents on functionality, design, and so on.

Copyright © NFTs on Fire

The First Mint

The First Mint podcast covers all things NBA Top Shot. They offer all the latest information, deep dive into the analytics, and cover all the project-related events. They call themselves passionate day-one adopters and want to share their knowledge and excitement for the industry with their whole community.

Copyright © The First Mint

NFTs for Newbies

Heather Parady and Rich Cardona are known for their mental health, leadership, and entrepreneurship podcasts. They co-host NFTs for Newbies, a podcast where they learn together with the audience about the digital art world and how to invest in NFTs.

Copyright © NFTs for Newbies

Overpriced Jpegs podcast

Carly Reilly hosts the Overpriced JPEGs podcast, which examines NFTs and the Metaverse. The podcast's goal is to inform the listeners about NFTs so they may decide for themselves if they are simply expensive JPEGs or ground-breaking technology.

Copyright © Overpriced Jpegs

Final thoughts

This is our extensive list of the best NFT podcasts to listen to this fall. As the days grow short and the nights cold, what would be better than to enjoy some global podcasts with industry experts and renowned guests talking about the best NFT projects out there?

Some prefer movies and relaxing. We're into podcasts and crypto.

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