It’s been a while since our last update, but just because we’ve been quiet doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. We made some great progress with our products, onboarded new members to our team, and we're beyond excited for what comes next. Here’s what we've been up to lately.

🚀 New Features

  • Added Bonus service & completed integration  with our GraphQL gateway;
  • Introduced OAuth service that can handle multiple apps;
  • Added bitcode support for iOS Win SDK;
  • Implemented social sign-in/sign-up for for multiple providers;
  • Implemented ERC1155 for SFT items;
  • Implemented unlimited tournaments match screens;
  • Added birthday attribute to Hero Detail Screen for minted Heroes.

🛠️ Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Ingress Controller in our Kubernetes cluster;
  • Fixed on-chain progression flow;
  • Fixed compPointsTransactions query in our GraphQL API Gateway;
  • Updated Google/Facebook OAuth apps implementation to improve security;
  • Excluded armV7 in iOS builds for Win SDK;
  • Refactored developer GraphQL OAuth endpoints;
  • Updated the matchmaking results screen.

🦸 People Updates

  • Hired one more Customer Support Agent to ensure premium 24/7 support services;
  • Hired a Digital Marketing Specialist to join us in our marketing and social efforts;
  • Hired one more Digital Illustrator to support our creative efforts and create magic.

🔐 Wallee Service Updates

We created Wallee to be one of the core infrastructure components of the Win Wallet. Wallee is meant to allow developers to easily set up secure wallets for users, which can then perform transactions, store tokens and NFTs, take part in staking, and much more. Wallee was written in Golang to maximize speed and performance right from the start, but we wanted to push things even further, so we started a major refarcoring to break Wallee down into smaller services, thus making it even faster, more secure, and highly versatile.

Below are the latest updates in our refactoring efforts:

  • Implemented Polygon Service in Wallee. This service acts as a proxy between the Wallee backend and the Polygon blockchain. It supports creating ERC20-Transfers, ERC721-Transfers, Matic Transfers, Reading and Writing to smart contracts, EIP712 Message signing, and also supports retrieving ERC20 and ERC721 balances - all of this wrapped under a simple API to use internally, while also enabling us to publish the API for external use.
  • Implemented Private Key Encryption Service in Wallee. This service provides account creation and transaction signing in a secure way. The private keys are encrypted using EIP-2335 Keystore; the Keystore is then further encrypted using our proprietary algorithm. The encrypted Keystore is then stored in a Vault. For transaction signing, the encrypted Keystore is decrypted, then passed to a safe service that provides secure encryption and decryption of the private keys. We are never working with or passing around the network a raw private key.
  • Implemented Cryptography Service in Wallee. This is the most secure service in Wallee; it manages Keystore encryption and decryption, and transaction signing.

🚀 Win Mobile App Release

We've left the best for last - an alpha version of our Win Mobile App (v 1.0.0) will be ready for release very soon! 🥳

If you're part of our community and want to be the first to test our awesome app and be involved in testing,  keep an eye on our social channels these days for more information.

Now is the time to get excited!  

That’s all for now, but we’ll be back soon with more awesome updates. In the meantime, make sure to tune in to our social channels:

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