Take a 300 billion-dollar industry like gaming, sprinkle some NFTs and crypto rewards on top of it, and what you get is the phenomenon that has taken the world by storm and unleashed a new era of gaming: the play-to-earn era.

If before p2e you’d be playing just for the fun of it, to relax and submerge yourself in the gameplay, the rise of this new game model allows you to combine pleasure with purpose. You no longer have to play for nothing in particular; you’re playing to win.
But, the question remains, how do you maximize your chances of winning? Since most p2e games are skill-based, you have to find the particular game ( or games) that fit what you’re good at. Let’s uncover together how to pick the right play-to-earn for you.

Go after what your heart desires: Crypto, NFTS, or both

Before you jump in and start playing, you need to understand some basics about your selected games. You should look into how rewards are paid out, what cryptocurrency is used, and how you can convert your in-game tokens to other currencies. Depending on the game you’re interested in, the rewards can vary, from only NFTs to only crypto tokens or a combination of both. These rewards can be traded or sold to other players from the community or even to external parties. Another aspect that you should check before playing is how long does it take you to earn these rewards and what specific tasks you need to complete.

What type of game to play?

The first time you research what p2e to choose might feel a bit overwhelming. There are many games out there, and each one has specific gameplay. The first thing you should think about is what type of games you are really good at. Since you’ll be playing for actual rewards, it’s essential to pick games that match your skillset and experience.
For example, someone that loves word puzzles and is brilliant at guessing words under pressure can opt for Wordcraft, a play-to-earn that rewards you for crafting words out of letter blocks. On the other hand, if you like shooting games and destroying enemy forces, you can start with Pillars of Defense, a p2e that homages the tower of defense genre. The game you choose will make or break your chances to win. No pressure.

What can you do with your rewards?

You’ve found some exciting games, and you know what kind of rewards you’re going to get for playing them. That’s great! There’s one other thing you should research before pressing the “Play” button. How can you cash out your coins?
Most games are built on well-known blockchains, like Polygon or Ethereum, so you shouldn’t have issues cashing out your tokens. However, always take into account that selling NFTs is not an instant process, and it can take some time to find buyers. In-game cryptocurrencies can also fluctuate, so it’s better if you have some knowledge of how crypto works. Once you are familiar with transforming your digital assets into real-world earnings, you’re ready to play-to-win.

What play-to-earn game to pick, what prize pool to win, or how many coins you can earn, all of this is up to you. Do your research beforehand, and then enjoy the gameplay. After all, besides all the opportunities to get crypto rewards and NFTs, the fun aspect of gaming is still a critical part of your experience. So keep the balance between play-to-win and play-to-enjoy!

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