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500K FTW Reward Pool

500,000 FTW tokens will be distributed via the Staking Reward Pool. The sooner you stake your tokens, the more rewards you earn. Start staking now.

Staking Illustration

How to Stake your FTWand get rewarded


Create Win Wallet


Provide Liquidity


Stake your $FTW Tokens


Claim your Rewards

Stake Illustration
Stake Illustration
Stake Illustration
Stake Illustration

Staking Rewards

The Win platform uses two token standards for its economy, both stakeable

Token Staking

Provide liquidity for the FTW/USDC pair on Automated Market Makers (AMM) such as Uniswap and stake the resulting LP tokens.

Hero Staking

Gain experience on the Win platform and increase your Hero level to obtain individual staking boosts!

Staking withWin DeFi Wallet

Stake your Hero, your tokens, or both, directly from the Win DeFi Wallet for extra rewards.

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