NFT projects just starting their journey in the NFT space have one thing clear: they need to master their social media presence to spread the word about themselves and create an engaged community of followers and supporters.

The first thing is to pick the appropriate social media platforms for play-to-earn crypto games. NFT projects usually have a major presence on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter, as this is where crypto enthusiasts tend to hang.

In today's guide, we will learn how to create an NFT Discord server step by step and how to build a committed NFT Discord community.

So, without further ado, let's talk all things Discord!

What is a Discord Community?

Discord is a group chatting platform that was initially designed with gamers in mind. It grew in popularity fast and became a general-use platform for all kinds of communities, especially cryptocurrency users and blockchain projects.

Discord users can participate in voice and video chats, send text messages, and join different communities. Users also have the option to create their own Discord servers and invite people to become community members.

Inside each server, members can congregate around channels that focus on specific topics of interest to them.

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What is an NFT project Discord Community?

NFT Discord communities are highly present on the platform, composed of people that share the same interests: collecting, trading, selling, and talking with others about non-fungible tokens.

Usually, NFT communities are a mix of NFT holders, crypto artists and designers, NFT project developers and investors, giveaway seekers, and a crypto community manager who supervises the discussions.

How to make an NFT Discord server

As you probably noticed by now, absolutely everyone in the NFT industry has a dedicated Discord server nowadays. You basically don't exist in crypto if you're not on Discord.

Some people interested in creating a Discord server struggle with the setup process as there are a lot of steps, and the whole thing can be tedious. That's why we've decided to put together the present guide to help you create an NFT Discord server from scratch.

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Create a Discord Server

The first thing you need to decide when building your Discord server is if you want to make it from scratch or if you prefer to use some Discord server templates.

Server templates will already set up roles, channels, and permissions to make the process easier for you. If you decide to start a Discord server using a template, just click the link, or paste the URL into your browser. The Discord app will load with a server creation window, so you can start using the template.

The next step is to set up the server overview. The overview includes the server settings and the basic information about your Discord channel.

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Create Server Roles

Let's assume you want to create your NFT Discord server from scratch. In that case, you will have to make some roles for the participants of your community. You can do so from the server settings by clicking on the roles page and choosing "Create role."

Here's an overview of what roles you should include in your NFT-focused community:


The team role is for all the members of your NFT project team. Usually, the team role comes with full permissions to almost everything on the Discord server. Team members can create channels, change the Discord server setup, change channel permissions, add new members, add bots, and so on.


The moderator role is usually held by the Discord community manager that tends to the Discord communities. One or several of your team members can do this role, or you can hire a community management service for your NFT server.

When it comes to community management, server owners usually use in-house moderators in the initial stages. As the community grows and your project gets more recognition, and new users come flooding in, it will make more sense to hire a Discord community manager.


You will add several bots to your Discord account. A Discord bot is an AI-driven tool that helps you automate tasks on your Discord server. As such, you need to give the added bots full permissions. They will help moderate the server, welcome new members, or even ban the rowdy ones.

The most popular bots used on NFT Discord servers are MEE6 Bot, Dyno Bot, and Collab Land.

The first two have the following features:

  • Welcome messages
  • Reaction roles
  • Statistic channels
  • Leaderboards
  • Social Media integrations

Collab Land is a more advanced Discord channel bot. It allows users to link with Blockchain networks like Ethereum, allowing the server to verify if a member holds a certain NFT, such as a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT.


The member role is given to all Discord members that join the server and complete verification that they aren't Discord bots. Verified members can see all the channels in the server but have restricted permissions. They have read-only permissions in all the informational channels and the ability to write messages in the community category Discord channels.

Create Server Channels

Next on the Discord server setup list is the server channel creation. To create channels on public Discord servers, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the side panel.
  2. Select "Create Channel."
  3. Choose a channel type.
  4. Name the channel.
  5. Click "Create Channel."

When using a Discord template, you can make a channel by clicking the plus sign on a category. Creating a channel from a category allows you to sync the channel permissions to the category. Another option is to clone an existing channel. The cloned channel will have the same permissions as the original.

Let's see some of the essential NFT channels that successful businesses should have on their NFT Discord server:

Information channels

The information channels are created with the purpose of sharing important news and industry knowledge with your community members. Under this broader category, you can add the following channels:

Announcements: This is the to-go place for important team and server owners' announcements. Here you will post all the crucial updates about your NFT project, like the project's progress or when the NFT collection will officially launch.

Roadmap: NFT collections and leading crypto projects always have a roadmap that outlines how they envision the project's future to look. Your server should include a channel where you add the roadmap or at least a link to your website where the users can find it.

Official Links: It's important to have a channel dedicated to official links related to your project, as the NFT space isn't impervious to fraud. Here you can share with your community all other social profiles the project has and your official website.

FAQs: As your server takes shape and more users join in, you will find that community members sometimes submit questions you need to answer. That's why you should have a FAQ page with the most common questions for your project and their subsequent answers.


You also need some community category channels. This is where most of the discussion will take place. Verified users will be able to join these channels and talk to each other about the NFT project.

General: All projects should include a general channel, which is basically a chat room for your community.

Buy and Sell: On this channel, users can talk about buying or selling NFTs from your collection.

Other Projects: The purpose of this channel is to keep the promoters of other projects from spamming all your channels. Promoters and other members are obliged to keep their shilling to a specific channel, allowing the rest of your supporters to focus on your updates.

Enable Community Features

Discord offers a community feature that you can access from the server settings. Since your goal is to grow your community, enabling this feature is recommended. It will give you access to additional channel types and features.

How to Enable Community on Discord

  1. Open the server settings.
  2. Select "Enable Community."
  3. Click "Get Started."
  4. Enable safety checks.
  5. Choose your rules and channels for updates.
  6. Adjust settings and agree.
  7. Click "Finish Setup."
  8. Add a server description.
  9. Save changes.

Set Up Membership Screening

This feature is helpful as it ensures that any new member that wants to join your server can only do so after reading the server rules. It's an easy way to prevent unwanted bots from entering your NFT Discord server.

Membership Screening Tips

  • You can bold rule titles by placing two asterisks on either side.
  • Press Shift + Enter after each title to set the title on its own line.
  • Add emojis by copy-pasting or using the Windows shortcut (Win + ;).
  • Include channel names by typing a # and selecting it from the menu.
  • You can move rules up or down by dragging the dots on the side.

Server Moderation Settings

To regulate the server, you'll need to put in place some server moderation settings:

Verification Level

Initially, you can set the verification level to medium or low, allowing users to join quickly. Once you have a well-established community, switch the level to high or highest to avoid spam accounts.

Media Content Filter

The content filter scans all files and deletes the ones that might be explicit or ill-natured. Make sure to enable the "scan media content from all members" option.

2FA Requirement

Moderators should have the 2-factor authentication activated to be able to use moderator features. Keep this feature enabled on any NFT Discord server as a safety measure.

Set Up Discord Welcome Screen

When a user joins your NFT Discord server, they will be greeted by a welcome screen. Keep the information on the welcome screen short and sweet. Don't include many channels. Keep it simple with just the rules, the about info, and an emoji.

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Add Server Emojis

You can personalize your Discord server with custom emojis. You can add emojis on the "Emoji" settings page by dragging them in or clicking the "Upload Emoji" button.

You will need to make an alias for each emoji, which is case-sensitive. To type an emoji, type the alias with a ":" on either side.

Set Up Log Channels

Log channels help you document each action a community member takes. You can use the logs to ensure users act appropriately on your NFT server. In the same fashion, mod logs will keep track of moderator actions on the server. Moderators and admins will need permission to view the log channels.

You can add your invite link to your social profiles so any project followers can join the community:

  1. Right-click on the channel you want new users to see. Typically this will be the rules channel.
  2. Select "Invite People."
  3. Click the "Edit invite link" text.
  4. Set the link never to expire and have no limit.
  5. Generate a new link.
  6. Copy the link at the bottom.

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How to Build an NFT Discord community

Once the Discord server setup is complete, the real fun begins. Or the hard work. It depends on how you want to see it. Let's see what you can do to build a thriving community that people want to be part of.

Generate hype around your NFT project in the Discord community

You; 'll want to keep your community excited and informed, so they'll stick around. Provide constant updates, so they know how the project is evolving. Organize feedback sessions where participants can share their opinions on your work. Come up with events and giveaways users can enjoy.

Interact with your community members often

Project owners should interact with the community regularly. It creates a sense of connection between the users and the project, making them feel you are together on the same journey.

Posting frequently, running an event, or even offering regular updates regarding the project, will make everyone feel like they're part of a great NFT Discord community.

Establish a set of rules for your NFT community

Any NFT Discord community must abide by a set of rules. By default, Discord will allow you to turn on rules when you enable 'Community' on your server.

You should also post the rules on a public channel to avoid any possible confusion or misunderstanding. It helps the team to moderate efficiently and transparently.

Conduct regular AMAs

AMA (ask me anything) event help foster a community that wants to collaborate and interact with each other. You can hold live audio AMAs in the form of Stage Channels.

Stage channels allow you to share particular conversations with guests to your audience. Users who want to join the conversation can even ask to be allowed on the stage.

Final thoughts

Project owners, NFT creators, or crypto game developers recognize the importance of setting up NFT Discord servers for their businesses. These servers can be used as essential hubs for developers and followers to discuss the project freely. Owners can also keep the community informed about any new updates, challenges, solutions, releases, etc.

If you plan to build some NFT Discord servers in the future, bookmark our article, as you'll need this step-by-step guide. See you on Discord!

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