You asked, we listened – bi-weekly project updates are here! Designed from the ground up to be groundbreaking, the Win Platform is a mix of innovative technologies, breakthroughs in all areas, and everything in-between, all connected with one ultimate purpose in mind: to deliver players the ultimate gaming experience and game developers a chance to tap into the play-to-earn universe easily.

Today, we’re proud to showcase the state of our products and start providing regular updates on how we’re advancing. So, without further ado, here are the highlights.


Wallee is one of the core infrastructure components of the Win Wallet, allowing easy and secure wallet creation through the API. Written in Golang with speed and performance in mind, its purpose is to make it easy for developers to set up a wallet that will enable users to store tokens and NFTs, participate in staking, and perform transactions, all seamlessly and securely.

Some core features of Wallee include:

  • Smart contract addresses cached in memory.
  • Pending transactions for system addresses.
  • Meta(EIP712) transactions operations.
  • Erc20 operations out of the box. ABI is composed in memory.
  • Get balance alongside symbols and decimals.
  • Get token metadata.
  • Support for ERC721 operations out of the box. In-memory ABI ops are for performance.
  • Support for EIP1559 transactions, with the transactions being marketable for at least 6 blocks.
  • Link ERC20 tokens to accounts. This feature is used with the FindAllCryptoBalances endpoint to return all ERC20 token balances for an account.
  • Support for various smart contracts operations:
  • Write smart contract.
  • Read smart contract.
  • Smart RPC endpoints routing.
  • Webhooks notifications triggered by blockchain events like:
  • Transaction confirmed for an account.
  • New transaction broadcasted concerning an account.
  • New blocks.
  • New transactions for an ERC20 contract.

Wallee API Changelog


  • Implemented transactions stats endpoint.
  • Added dependency vulnerability scanner to workflow for go-commons dependency.


  • Refactored deploy workflows, introducing cache and keyless G Cloud auth.
  • Big improvement in meta transaction signing by switching from geth to bor.
  • Fixed a bug that would not take into account pagination when requesting transaction history.
  • Refactored webhook subscriptions logic.


The Win SDK packs all the tools you need to create, release, and scale your Web3 games on iOS, Android, and Unity, in one single package. Skip months of development work and transform any game into a multiplayer competitive experience with crypto rewards and NFTs, with just two lines of code.

The current release was focused on improvements to the Win Heroes, the mighty NFTs of the the Win Realm. Here's what changed:

Win SDK Changelog


  • Added support for singleton-1776 meta transactions for the Hero and Profile contract.
  • Integrated transferNFT.
  • Implemented signup via referral codes.
  • Added loading state for PIN confirmation screen.


  • Completed collectible service integration.
  • Deployed Hero smart contract.
  • Replaced “Mint Completed” screen with “Waiting for Blockchain” until the mint is actually propagated on the blockchain.
  • Fixed hero minting button bug that occurred when user was not logged in / in guest mode.

New Game: 21 Knights & Dragons

We’re adding a new game to our collection! 21 Knights and Dragons is a new twist on your favorite card games. It combines the best of traditional games like Solitaire and Blackjack with the excitement of dragons! The game is simple and straightforward: you have 4 columns of cards, just like in Solitaire, and a dealing deck. Your goal is to arrange the dealt cards in the 4 columns so each column sums up exactly 21, Blackjack style. Go over 21, and you bust; hit the sweet 21, and you get to start a new column. Your score will be determined by how many columns that score 21 you can complete before the timer runs out. Are you ready for the challenge?

That’s all for now, but we’ll be back soon with more awesome updates. In the meantime, make sure to tune in to our social channels:

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