What's that one thing that comes twice a month and gets you more excited than Santa bringing gifts or your payday? Our Bi-weekly Updates, of course!

Let's see what the Win.app gang has been cooking lately!

🚀 New Features

  • HTML5 support for the Win SDK is in the last stages of development and will be available soon, along with the Unity, iOS, and Android support already available;
  • Integrated Aggregator Service in GraphQL Gateway;
  • Kicked off the development of a new exciting game that will expand our portfolio of play-to-earn titles. More details coming soon;
  • Implemented MATIC as supported platform currency and refactored code;
  • Added Structured Data for the Win blog.

🛠️ Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Improved the app layer in cryptopayment microservice to better express the intentions when processing an unconfirmed transaction and a block;
  • Refactored part of the domain layer in cryptopayment microservice to have blocks and transactions under the same aggregate and ensure atomicity when storing new blocks;
  • Made adjustments to the Win SDK interface;
  • Fixed Ethereum tests in cryptopayment microservice;
  • Improved the Wallee error handling in Wallet by using a unary client interceptor for handling errors.

That's all for now, but don't fret. We'll be back in the blink of an eye with fresh updates!

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