Time flies so fast when you're having fun, but also when you're building awesome stuff. We're doing both, so another round of updates is here. Check it out!

🚀 New Features

  • Created and open-sourced Go Worker, a Go library for performing asynchronous background jobs backed by Redis, RabbitMQ & Go Routines; check it out here 👉 https://github.com/purposeinplay/go-worker/
  • Integrated Openmatch service in Developer Portal via GraphQL;
  • Extracted Users Services and deployed using a new Kuberenetes & Terraform architecture;
  • Implemented recurring tournaments;
  • Added birthday attribute(mint date) on Win Heroes NFTs;
  • Integrated "export private key" feature into Wallee;
  • Completed card and background design for 21 Knights and Dragons.

🛠️ Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Updated signup process in dev portal GraphQL;
  • Refactored modals across the app;
  • Fixed android build bug (reanimated update issues);
  • Fixed bug in resend confirmation email.

That’s all for now, but we’ll be back soon with more awesome updates. In the meantime, make sure to tune in to our social channels:

🐤 Twitter:https://twitter.com/winplatform
💬 Discord: https://discord.gg/pUJWEEKTpr
🦄 Telegram:https://t.me/winplatform