Each beginning of the year gives us a chance to look back on the accomplishments of the last 12 months and to look ahead to great new opportunities and exciting new adventures.
We've recharged our batteries in the past few days, and we're ready to crank up the gears and go to the moon! 🚀
While we're busy making Win.app magic, check out some of our most significant achievements in 2022:

🚀 2022 In Review:

  • One major achievement of last year was our partnership with Outlier Ventures. Since 2014, Outlier Ventures has been a pioneering VC firm in the crypto ecosystem, launching their Base Camp accelerator in 2019 and accelerating more than 100 Web3 startups. Their efforts have culminated in the successful launch of several billion-dollar networks and the raising of over $250 million in seed-stage funding. Our P2E (play-to-earn) platform joined the Polygon Base Camp program, and Outlier Ventures became our strategic partner and investor. You can read more about our partnership here.
  • We're proud to say we've raised $1.5 million in our seed round in 2022, which allows us to move forward with the win.app project and realize our mission of ushering in a new era for blockchain gaming. We're one step closer to bringing on-chain mobile eSports to the hands of the masses, setting a new standard for the mobile eSports industry.
  • We created Wallee, one of the core infrastructure components of the Win Wallet. Wallee allows easy and secure wallet creation through the API. Wallee's purpose is to enable developers to quickly set up secure wallets for users, which can then perform transactions, store tokens and NFTs, take part in staking, and much more. We wanted to make Wallee faster, more secure, and highly versatile, so we started a major refactoring to break it down into smaller services. The latest refactoring updates included: Polygon service implementation, private key encryption, and cryptography service implementation in Wallee.
  • We've completed our MVP and successfully launched our first game, Royal Bingo, on testnet. This is a major leap towards unlocking the full potential of the Win Ecosystem, and we couldn't be more excited about it.

Stay tuned to discover what 2023 will bring to Win.app!

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