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🚀 New Features

  • Finished Win SDK Android build & public share setup;
  • Added a meta transaction helper function in Wallee-commons;
  • Implemented Reestimate Transaction Fee in Wallee Polygon;
  • Enabled errors fallthrough between services in go-commons/grpc;
  • Deployed custom open-telemetry collector with contrib docker image on k8s cluster;
  • Recreated Grafana cloud cluster and setup logs agent & kube state metrics;
  • ERC20 and ERC721 incoming transactions are now processed by the new Wallee service;
  • Implemented JWT authentication in Wallee.

🛠️ Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Tested new Wallee service in collectibles service;
  • Improved blockchain error handling in Wallee-Polygon service;
  • Fixed bugs in the psql adapter in Wallee-Polygon;

We like to keep it short and sweet but meaningful! See you soon with a new round of updates!

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